What are Scleral Lenses?
Scleral lenses are similar to conventional gas-permeable (GP) lenses, but are larger and provide more comfort for those with irregularly shaped corneas, keratoconus, post-corneal transplants, dry eyes, and otherwise hard-to-fit eyes. Because they are larger than standard contacts, they also provide comfort and protection for patients who experience frequent eye discomfort due to allergies, dust, and debris. At InSight Eye & Vision Care, we strive to help you find the very best solution for your vision needs through our advanced, customized fitting process.

Scleral lenses:

  • Cover the entire corneal surface
  • Rest on the sclera, or “white,” of the eye
  • Are larger and more stable than conventional GP lenses
  • Are less likely to dislodge accidentally
  • Are more comfortable than conventional GP lenses
  • Provide initial comfort similar to or better than soft lenses
  • Are an excellent choice for sensitive eyes or irregularly-shaped corneas

Advantages of Scleral Lenses
If you want to wear contact lenses, but have had trouble wearing them in the past, or you’ve been told you are not the right candidate for contacts, scleral contact lenses may be the solution you are looking for. These lenses are now available in bifocal designs too.

These large-diameter GP lenses offer the same advantages of conventional GP lenses compared with soft contacts, including:

  • Sharper vision
  • Greater durability
  • Easier handling
  • Less risk of complications
  • Longer life of the contact lens

Types of Scleral Lenses

  • Corneo-scleral lenses are much larger than conventional GP lenses and rest near the junction between the cornea and the sclera.
  • Mini-scleral lenses cover the entire corneal surface and rest on the anterior sclera.
  • Full scleral lenses provide the most significant amount of clearance between the back surface of the lens and the cornea.

Does Insurance Cover Scleral Lenses?
Often, insurance will provide 100% coverage of these medically necessary contact lenses and professional service fees if you qualify. Sometimes, however, insurance may only cover the cost of the exam and custom fitting. We recommend that you check with your specific insurance to verify whether scleral lenses are covered.

Simply call our office at (973) 594-0020 and schedule a consultation to see if you are the right candidate for these remarkable contact lenses.